An Overwhelming Feeling

March 16, 2009

Sometimes out of nowhere I will be driving or simply having a quiet moment, and will have this overwhelming feeling that someone is there with me, that this someone loves me so much and has always been there.  Some days I just chalk it up to me being aware of my higher self  or that maybe I am  feeling a sense of being actualized.

Then I realize in one fabulous jolt, that it is GOD!

A wave then rushes over me as the sense of it all takes over  and I am crying and experiencing joy.  I wish I can share it with someone and almost always find myself alone.   I want to call my friends but don’t want to sound like I’ve lost my mind or am having a religious attack.  

Any way that I think to share it seems to minimize its beauty.  I write this right now for myself, because I have experienced so many special things and this is one of the most special of all.  

So here goes…  

To my creator, the one who made me, thank you, thank you for giving me joy, for watching over me, for letting me know you are there, thank you for my life, for the love, always.   When I feel your light shine on me I can do somersaults, I can be still and experience movement, I am filled and spilling over, the excess leaves me wanting to water every plant and seed in the garden, to give back by giving, to love.


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